Friday, February 17, 2012


this time of creative ideas for children is to make a collage of fish. creativity is done by pasting in the form of fish scales of fish 2 D objects (paper box). the children paste the scales, fins, gills and tail. When ready, ice cream bars to be more creative with fish paste as the object back. created a puppet fish 2 D.

fortify. too easy, but simple ideas and activities, not easy we thought. because of this creative activity should correspond to the level of the child's age.

 let's try ...............

(CLASS A - 4-6 YR)

Children love art projects and a great way to let them explore the world of cutting, gluing and pasting pictures is to make a colorful collage. The collage can be as abstract or realistic as the child wants and can show everything from a collection of specific pictures to a set of random objects showing things the child enjoys. Try it out with your own children.

(CLASS B - 3-4 YR)
for art class children 3-4 years old, parents are allowed and encouraged to participate in this class with their children. at least, the presence of parents / guardians, to give confidence to produce this handicraft .....


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